Next issue of Lone Warrior coming up

The next issue of Lone Warrior is in the final stages of production and should be e-mailed within a few days, according to Editor Rich Barbuto.

Here’s a preview of the articles in No. 209:

  • “Ill Met By Moonlight” (or The ‘Black Spot’ Returns) by Steve Turner. This includes charts to determine just how certain characters are wounded or killed during campaigns, to add to any narratives.
  • “M.U.Sk in Space” by Kevin White. Some skirmish rules for space combat, with suggestions for trying the period without a lot of cost.
  • “Victory in the Pacific 2.0” by George Arnold. Sequence of Events and Order Charts to “solo-ize” this old Avalon Hill board game.
  • “A Solo Wargame Engine” by Joao Lima. Ways of simulating the tactical decisions by a soloist’s opponent, with charts and explanations for an Ancients game.
  • “Sentinels of the Multiverse Game Review” by Craig Dunglison. A review of the card game, with suggestions for creating a campaign based on the game.
  • “Lord of the Rings …” by Rob Morgan. A review of a paperback called “Lord of the Rings: Weapons and Warfare” which offers many insights into the original Tolkien books.
  • “The Crusade of Nicopolis” by Robert Stevens. An historical look at a lesser known crusade, plus some notes for gaming out the battle of Nicopolis itself.
  • “Bunker Hill Reconsidered” by Marvin Scott. A refight of the American War of Independence, with the potential to change the battle’s outcome.
  • “Ship Rules for the Middle Ages” by Rob Morgan. Quick rules for naval encounters during the Middle Ages.
  • Plus a so-far unidentified article, as promised by the Editor.

With the usual complement of color photos, maps and charts, this is another “shot in the arm” for soloists looking for ideas for enjoying the hobby. Coming soon!

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