Airfix models revisited

By Rob Morgan

In late May, The Times carried an article (see below, click to enlarge) indicating that Hornby, the owner of the Airfix marque, intends to make classic kits available from their archive moulds through KitStarter, a crowd-funding platform, allowing modellers (and wargamers!) to buy models that haven’t been available for many years. This is very good news, of course, and though my long-standing “wants” list for Airfix to release — a Ferret scout car in 1/72 and HMS Nelson in 1/1200 scale — is probably as much pie in the sky as ever, we do have an opportunity here, collectively.

According to the article, most of the people who write in ask for WWII aircraft models and, after all, that was the bread and butter work of Airfix. But there are a host of kits and packs that I’d like to see around: the Bloodhound missile pack, and the “Tarzan” set of HO/OO figures, for example, or the waterline 1/200 HMS Shannon. You can probably think of scores more, like my oldest Airfix model, from 1963, Santa Maria, Columbus’ ship, a waterline kit around 1/300, (I think!) and a model that features large in all of the early naval wargames books by Featherstone, Hague and Dunn.

We should, I think, let Hornby know that there are organizations like ours with an interest in the early, long-neglected Airfix ranges and who can provide the stimulus to making available models for wargamers. Sadly, of course, the prices will have increased a bit from the two shillings I once paid for the delightful “Wagon Train” set!

Link to Hornby’s on-line information on the project:

times article

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  1. JAird says:

    Some good news for you Rob’ – the Tarzen set is available from HaT as a reissue (they call it Jungle Adventure).

    The wagon train was reissued a few years ago by Airfix, but itlooks like it has gone out of production again. The one I’d really like is the High Chapparral !

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