Friday Insights

By Rob Morgan

It often surprises me, knowing that wargamers are ardent historians and avid readers, how little so many of us share with the others in our fraternity. The title of this piece (which I know you opened up because it could be almost anything, couldn’t it?) is the title of the 2018 series of lectures held in London at the National Army Museum at 11.30 a.m. every Friday during the summer months. This year there are half a dozen talks by well-known historians with some value for the wargamer.

May 4th, ‘The British Fiasco in Norway 1940.’

May 11th, ‘The British Army and Victory in Tunisia.’

May 25th, ‘Weapons and Wounds in the First World War.’

June 15th, ‘Romania and the First World War.’

June 29th,‘The Battle of Dettingen 1743.’

That’s just a handful. The Romanian talk supports an exhibition on Romanian forces, and there’s a substantial event programme throughout the year on ‘Special Forces.’ Worth having a look at on

What’s happening where you live?

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3 Responses to Friday Insights

  1. Rich Barbuto says:

    Great information. Thanks for posting!
    For the past 6 years, the Department of Military History at the US Army Command & General Staff College has given 10-11 military history lectures annually at the Robert Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas. Attendance at these afternoon presentations averages 40 people. This year’s theme was “The Homefront.” The staff at the Dole videotape the lectures that are available on their website and YouTube.
    Here is the current line-up. I’m giving the final lecture.

    “Keeping ‘the Ogre’ at Bay: Defending Britain, 1803-1815”

    “ ‘Die Heimat 1939-1945’: The German Homefront Experience, 1939-1945”

    “America’s Response to the Holocaust”

    “The Great War in East Asia, 1914-1918”

    “Vicissitudes of Violence: Fear, Physiology, and Behavior under Fire”

    “The Forgotten Homefront, 1950-1953”

    “The Italian Homefront in World War II”

    “Retreats, Riots, and Reds: The Russian Annus Horribilis of 1917”

    “Mr. Polk’s War: War Experiences in Mexico & the U.S., 1846-1848”

    “December 1813: the Capture of Fort Niagara and the Burning of the Niagara Frontier”

  2. JAird says:

    A Lecture coming up at the RAF museum in Hendon, free – but they ask that tickets are booked in advance.

    RFC/RAF contact patrols during the First World War – 25 May 2018 12:30-2.00pm

  3. JAird says:

    This is a really useful site : Open lectures and talks :

    This is a link to their Military History listings – lots of museums & societies offering lectures.

    Not all are as up to date as they could be but here’s one list I found from it:

    Sussex Military History Society
    NOTE: our 2018 meetings will be held at the White Hart Hotel, Lewes.
    Entry to SMHS monthly meetings is £2 for members but visitors are always welcome; admission for non-members is £3.

    Wednesday 16 May 2018
    Subject: The Sussex Yeomanry
    Speaker: John Shill and David Collett (SMHS)

    Wednesday 20 June 2018
    Subject: Oddities of the Battle of Britain
    Speaker: Andy Saunders

    Wednesday 15 August 2018
    Subject: Hastings in Wartime
    Speaker: Ken Brooks

    Wednesday 19 September 2018
    Subject: The Battle of Medway: Ancient Britons versus Romans
    Speaker: Richard Shenton (SMHS)

    Wednesday 17 October 2018
    Subject: The RAF in the Cold War
    Speaker: Rob Martin (SMHS)

    Wednesday 21 November 2018
    Subject: I Was a Cold War Spy
    Speaker: Brian Spiby

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