Incoming! Lone Warrior No. 215

Editor Rich Barbuto reports that the latest issue of Lone Warrior will be mailed this week. Here’s a preview of the contents:

  • “Entertaining the Troops by Running a Multi-Solo-Player Campaign,” by Martin Smith. The author explains how he ran a four-player campaign on Dark Ages Britain during the pandemic, with lots of the game  mechanics included too.
  • “How to Use Excel for Mapping Wargames,” by Paul Wisken.  A step-by-step guide to drawing gaming maps with any Excel program from 2007 on.
  • “A Few Thoughts on Discovering the Thirty Years War,” by Rob Morgan. Plenty of background to a period that isn’t always easy to research.
  • “Review of ‘Final Round’ (2006),” by Jim Rohrer. A review and a test drive of simple rules for infantry squad- and platoon-level combat with (mostly) bolt-action rifles.
  • “A Grand Campaign or a Grand Folly,” by Craig Dunglison. The author combines his interest in astronomy with wargaming and suggests a system in which different worlds are the setting for any number of campaigns in any number of periods.
  • “Mouse Count and Mouse Count Adventure,” by David Newport. Rules and an example of a basic adventure game, this one designed by the author so that he could play it with his young daughter. This game uses mice figures, but other figures will work too.
  • “The Game is More Than the Player of the Game,” by Rob Morgan. Discussion of games from ancient and medieval times that can still be played.
  • “Mig Pilot 2.0,” by Marvin Scott. A simple game about air-to-air combat during the Korean War, with an account of a play-through.
  • “Game Design,” by George Knapp. Eight useful principles for designing solo or multi-player games.
  • “The Spanish Ulcer: Napoleon Solo Squared (Version 2),” by Kevin White. Complete rules for a card-activated game played on a 3-inch grid. Printable cards for the game are included.
  • “Tournament Tilting Ideas for Games on Gaming Boards,” by Rob Morgan. Ideas for Late Medieval games, and some figures that could be useful.
  • “Writing for Lone Warrior,” by Brian Cameron. How researching and writing articles for Lone Warrior has increased the author’s enjoyment of the hobby.
  • “Editor’s Comments,” by Rich Barbuto. In which the editor notes Brian Cameron’s preceding article and encourages others to take up the pen.
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  1. Paul Le Long says:

    Having had a sneak peak, I can honestly say that this is a superb issue! The breadth of material is really impressive. I’m particularly looking forward to trying out the Excel mapping – including screenshots is very welcome.

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