I was disappointed to read in LW #220 Rob Morgan repeating the imperialist perspective trotted out by that propaganda tool ‘Stingray’.

Let’s take a look at the real situation.

The oceans are home to a number of civilisations, in particular Titanica. The World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP) considers that it is free to ‘patrol’ the undersea world but really it is an organisation looking for a role.

Mankind, having exhausted the land, are interested in extracting the sea’s resources for its own use, regardless of the damage done to the undersea civilisations that depend on those resources.

WASP is quickly placed to depict the undersea races as a threat; the reward is vastly increased budgets. Its nuclear-powered combat submarines (Stingray) are able to deploy overwhelming technology against the relatively crude ‘mechanical fish’ (renamed ‘Terror Fish’).

The leader of Titanica is depicted as a despot who menaces the world despite the clear lack of any ability to do so. The public quickly supported WASP and its imperialist aims to plunder the undersea resources and the destruction of the undersea races.

Another tragic tale of imperialism and its mind-warping propaganda.

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