Just a simple question

By Rob Morgan

Something which should really go in the ‘Letters to the Editor’ page, but we don’t have one. Or maybe in the ‘Reader’s Queries’ like the old ‘Battle’ wargames magazine used to have, but we don’t have one of those.

Anyway, take a look at these photos. I was in a charity shop months and months ago, and picked up a plastic bag of odds and sods. Some were basic and frankly useless ‘leggy’ infantry, others were similarly valueless hollow tanks and squat bombers. There were models in four colours, red, yellow, blue and green, as you see, and the only ones of use or indeed interest, are these two warships.

One’s a sort of battleship or heavy cruiser, 60mm long and quite neatly moulded, two funnels, two-masted and waterline. It reminds me of one of the Baltic Coast Defence ships, Swedish or Finnish. I’ve got three of them, all are green. No identifying mark underneath, but surely they must come from a board game?

The Destroyer is 50mm long, and again quite neat. Two-funnelled, a short mast and two guns fore and aft and an a/a gun, and torpedo tubes. They could be used as WWI destroyers or WWII escorts. I acquired several models of this type in all four colours, but sadly the blue ones had been cut about and are pretty useless. They are hard plastic, but odd in texture; a few experiments with different types of paint leads me to think they’ll be difficult to give a decent colour scheme.

That’s not my question, it’s simply this: has anyone seen these models before?

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  1. David Crook says:

    Hello there Rob,

    They look like they are from an old board game called Power: The Game. This included four nationalities and had aircraft (F4 Phantom like), a bomber (B52 like), a tank and an armoured car. There were two types of ship, an infantry figures and a large ICBM. If you want a full set and the game as well let me know as I have a set I am looking to offload.

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