A reader question

Andy in Australia writes:

Anyone know where I can buy Eagle Battle of the River Plate models?

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4 Responses to A reader question

  1. Scott Hansen says:

    Hi Andy,

    I just checked ebay and found a few Eagle Battle of River Platte ship models. They were selling for 77 USD. When I researched Eagle models online, they’ve been out of production for many years.

    Good luck finding all of the ship models you need.


  2. JohnY says:

    Rob Morgan writes in response:

    I used, decades ago, to imagine drifting through the piles of jigsaws, games and sundry abandoned ‘toys’ (sic) in one of the larger Charity shops, when my highly trained modeler’s eye would land on a box brimful with plastic model kits of the past. Inside would be a few old Revell kits, a few Airfix and Matchbox, a Frog or two maybe, but at the bottom, there would be a dozen or so of the magnificent, even back then old and rare, Eaglewall 1/1200th waterline warships. All boxes marked at a pound each.

    I think, and any other reader of advancing years is free to correct me if I’m wrong, that the last time I saw ‘Eaglewall’ ships on sale in a model shop was at Bud Morgan’s in the Castle Arcade at Cardiff in 1963, just before Christmas. Among naval wargamers, solo and sociable alike, there are few company names, few ranges more likely to stir interest than these. We all have memories of them, even if we’ve never seen any. The ranges named after the Battle of Matapan, the River Plate, and the Hunt for Bismarck chief among them.

    I never saw the box marked with the name of the German supply ship ‘Altmark’, never saw the completed model, and certainly, regrettably, never owned one, deep regret over that! I’ve pondered over the repeated appearances of these models and their box art in ‘Airfix Magazine’ throughout the 1960’s. Was a model of ‘HMS Repulse’ ever produced? A frequent question that. Similar questions cropped up in ‘Model Boats’, ‘Meccano Magazine’ and in the pages of the Naval Wargames Society’s own “Battlefleet” over many long years.

    When Airifx issued their own 1/1200th range of frankly far better manufactured and detailed warships, ‘Bismarck’,’Hood’, Suffolk and so on, the debate on ‘Eaglewall’ was renewed, but then that range petered out too…

    These kits have become the stuff of legend.

    Good luck Andy.

    Rob Morgan

  3. JohnY says:

    Hi Andy,

    Rob Morgan also reminded me that there were some previous articles on this site that you and others might find of interest. I’ve listed a few here:




    – John

  4. Robert Walker says:

    You can always try Waterline Ships here:


    These are collectors’ pieces now though, and I can’t imagine shipping to Australia would be cheap…

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