No. 181 is in the mail!

Issue No. 181 of Lone Warrior magazine appeared in my mailbox today, an early Christmas present! Because of my location, I tend to get my mailed copy faster than some. So, consider this a heads-up to subscribers — if you don’t have your copy yet, it will be there soon.

As usual, lots to choose from: an update from Editor Rich Barbuto, Marengo re-imagined, a WWI naval scenario, WWI dog-fighting rules, simple horse and musket rules, first part of a series on ancient Biblicals, a Dark Ages campaign report, and more.

Any comments?

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  1. Mike Crane says:

    George, I wonder if you could print a copy of Richard Barbuto’s editorial for Lone Warrior 181 in the Blog. This is the first time a concurrent PDF edition has appeared with the hardcopy edition and readers of the Blog who do not subscribe to the magazine yet might find it interesting.

    Rich has been working on the PDF format for several months (I don’t know when he finds the time considering his busy schedule) but the PDF edition is definitely a leap in the right direction. At $15.00 per year (see Subscribe) many more readers outside North America will be able to afford a subscription and an international membership means more interesting articles will be submitted from around the world. I can hardly wait to read them!

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