‘Now arriving at Gate …’ Here comes No. 216

Rich Barbuto, editor of Lone Warrior, announces that issue No. 216 is on the way. Here’s a preview of the contents:

  • “Wizard of the Blue Jewel,” by Paul Le Long. A report on a massive fantasy battle involving some 2,250 figures. Can you say Epic?
  • “Hope springs eternal: Still looking for the perfect campaign,” by George Arnold. Tweaking a schematic idea for running campaigns in various periods, with a DBN battle report.
  • “Tournaments and wargames,” by Rob Morgan. Using the board game “Tudor Joust” as a miniatures game.
  • “What’s in a name?” by Martin Smith. Ideas for naming units, battles and commanders to provide color (in some cases literally) to your games and campaigns.
  • “Comparing The Portable Wargame with One-Hour Wargames,” by Jim Rohrer. A thorough look at two popular sets of rules, both aiming to maximize enjoyment with simple but accessible systems.
  • “What a picture! What a photograph!,” by Rob Morgan. A plea for more photos from readers’ collections, with some Russian Civil War re-enactment photos as eye candy.
  • “Campaigns for solo gamers,” by Brian Cameron. Some easy ways to link battles, from narratives to map-based to point-to-point campaigns and more, all of them requiring little paperwork.
  • “Threads to innovation,” by John Bernard. Finding useful ideas from a wide variety of sources and tying them into another way of generating battles and campaigns.
  • “Stacking the decks,” by Peter Davies. Adding chance cards to customize the behavior of armies in games and in campaigns.
  • “Wargaming the Battle of Modder River,” by Nic Birt. A battle report on a Boer War game set in 1899.
  • “Quick campaigning,” by Kevin White. More campaigning ideas, this time involving the use of a card deck for randomness and uncertainty.
  • “Persians, partisans, Parnassus,” by Peter R. Barkworth. A report on an ambush encounter between Persians and Greeks.

Lots of ideas for campaigns in this issue, along with so much other food for gaming thought.

And here’s an excerpt from Editor Rich’s note to the contributors to this issue, which sums this one  up:

“Guys, Wow! You have outdone yourselves! This is a stunning issue. The photos, images, scenery etc. is just fabulous. The ideas are superb!”

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3 Responses to ‘Now arriving at Gate …’ Here comes No. 216

  1. dexey says:

    It has been two days now! How long must we wait?

  2. Richard V Barbuto says:

    Dexey, your wait is over. Lone Warrior was sent out on 19 September. If any reader has not received their copy, please contact Rich at lonewarrior@kc.rr.com Please check your Spam file first.

  3. dexey says:

    “Lone Warrior was sent out on 19 September.” and what a delight it is – again.
    Thank you.

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