Update on PDF subscriptions

Mike Crane, a regular contributor to this blog and to Lone Warrior magazine, has suggested that the blog reprint the updated information about PDF subscriptions from Editor Rich Barbuto in the latest issue of the magazine. Good idea, Mike. So here, courtesy of Rich, is the information about PDF subscriptions:

” … (T)he big move is PDF subscriptions.  Yes, we will continue hard copy issues, don’t worry.  I have been very gratified in the number of persons who have subscribed for the PDF issue.  Yes, some have been former members who dropped away from the hard copy, but by far most are wargamers who have never before been a member of the SWA.  Most live outside of North America, and I know that the subscription cost is a positive factor in choosing the PDF version.  For you current hard copy subscribers, if you want to go PDF, let me know when I send your renewal notice.  Again, all the details are posted on the blog….”

For details on ordering PDF subscriptions, please see the Subscribe page. (By the way, an unsolicited comment on another website about the PDF subscriptions called them the “best value in wargaming publications.” At a flat $15 US for four magazines a year, it’s hard to argue with that comment.)

And, while you’re looking around the blog, you can also check out how to order back issues and how to write an article for Lone Warrior.


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