Remembering a single-issue magazine

By Rob Morgan

On the subject of wargames journals, newsletters and magazines which have bitten the dust, I was looking at a copy of Battle For Wargamers. It was published in the 1970s and for a long while flourished and prospered, attracting work from some of the best wargames writers of the time: George Gush, Terry Wise, Charles Grant and the Don himself. However, the monthly folded in around 1979.

The copy I needed to look up contained material on “Hyboria,” a sort of ancient semi-fantasy campaign organised by Tony Bath.

I thought I’d refresh my memories of those far-off days, and read the “Observation Post” general round-up. In it, I found a comment about the disappearance of a magazine called Wargames Monthly. Issue Number 1 appeared in late 1977 or early 1978.

That was it!

Lots of people, including Terry Wise, who wrote the column, sent off a subscription, but never again heard a word.

Has anybody got a copy of that, literally, singular publication? Or know what it contained?

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