Steak vs. sizzle

In an earlier post to this blog, Chris Hahn addressed the issue of style vs. substance in the glossy gaming magazines. His post drew some comments and quite a bit of interest in terms of “looks” at the post.

Here’s a somewhat related discussion by the always interesting Bob Cordery on his Wargaming Miscellany blog. Bob is writing about differences between the bigger gaming conventions and smaller ones. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to any conventions here in the States, so I can’t really comment, but maybe this discussion will be of some interest to Lone Warrior bloggers.

— George Arnold

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4 Responses to Steak vs. sizzle

  1. Hey George … I follow Bobs Blog and he makes some good points. I have never been to a convention as I live way out of the way here in Western Canada. I do however get the newsletter from HMGS and the conventions can be in my opinion an inspiration but also a curse at the same time. Just way too much eye candy to take in all at once! However if I had the chance I would love to go to one just to see what they are really like.

    • George Arnold says:

      Jeff, I’m sure the distance involved also limits other gamers’ attendance at conventions/shows, especially on this side of the Atlantic.

  2. Paul Le Long says:


    I like Bob’s blog too & I must say I’m pleased to see the comments on this particular topic as they chime with my own & a few other people who got involved in the similar discusion on our own blog.

    I haven’t signed up on Bob’s blog but I thought it might be a good idea if someone who has – like you maybe? – added a comment pointing people to the related discussion on the SWA blog – it might attract a bit more interest for us given that Bob’s guys seem to share many of our feelings towards gaming – refered to as ‘shedism’ by Bob et al. Cross-polination with like-minded gamers can’t do us any harm.

    Just a thought.

    • George Arnold says:

      I’m not signed up for Bob’s blog either, Paul. Maybe there’s another LW blog reader who can help spread the word over there.

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