Two Hour Wargames Reviewed

Jim Rohrer shares his impressions of the solo-friendly rules from Two Hour Wargames and finds that though they were difficult to grasp, they are well worth the effort. It’s on the Reviews page.

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2 Responses to Two Hour Wargames Reviewed

  1. Scott Hansen says:

    Great review Jim. I feel learning the rules is difficult due to completely new mechanics. But once you play the games a few times, it become easier. I notice the designer Ed has greatly simplified the rules for several titles over the years. He even simplified the rules for Nuts! (ww2 combat) as an option.

  2. Brian Cameron says:

    Thanks for the review.
    I think the learning curve may be due to the unfamiliar concepts but there are quite a few variations for dice rolls and tables to consult. It is one of those games you need to play a couple of times to get to grips with. I’d suggest the free download of Chain Reaction as a good starting place – there’s then a lot of flexibility as to figures and setting. I should mention that the games span historical periods as well. For example there’s Six-gun Sound rules which I want to try and 95th Rifles in the Peninsula.

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