Another Osprey review source (videos)

By Rob Morgan

I’m indebted to my young colleague and friend Dr. Peter Romchuk for bringing my attention to an account on YouTube which deals with reviews of Osprey titles. If you go to YouTube and type in …

C J Campbell Book Review

… then a vast number, well over a thousand, book reviews are opened before you — or illustrated review notes for a vast number of Ospreys, almost all 20th century warfare, British, German and American subjects.

Well worth looking at. The range of his reviews goes far beyond that. He
considers the splendid “After the Battle” series of magazines (are they
available in the USA?) and many lesser known Blandford and Janes titles.
There’s even a short and very interesting review of the Del Prado 54mm
collectors models and booklets, which I can’t seem to find anywhere these days.

Be warned though, Mr. Campbell’s an avid reviewer, and deals with subjects like 1950s war comics and Dr. Who, and all sorts of ephemera.
Worth a look though.

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