A preview of issue No. 193

The latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine, No. 193, is being prepared for delivery.

Here’s a preview of the contents:

  • “You Push on Ahead — We’ll Catch You Up” by Jonathan Aird. Some ideas for randomizing opening positions in solo DBA games.
  • “Interview With the Last Solo Wargamer” by Rich Barbuto. It’s the future and an old soloist explains the basics of the games we once played.
  • “How I Play Solo Role-Playing Games” by Preston Shah. The author’s approach to constructing his own RPGs.
  • “Wargames TV” by Paul Le Long. Some good places to go on YouTube for videos about wargaming.
  • “Battles in the Hyborean Age” by James Davis. Experiences with campaigning in Hyborea, with lots of campaign rules for unpredictability.
  • “Talking About Photography” by George Arnold. Some tips and resources for taking better “eye candy.”
  • “What’s in a War-game?” by Jeffery G. Chorney. Figuring out what you want from your gaming experiences.
  • “Chariot Race” by Kevin White. Rules for a chariot race game, Hollywood-style, with event cards in color.
  • “My Dream Projects” by Preston Shah. Some dreams/wishes for solo Live-Action Role-Playing games.
  • “Something Borrowed, Or How Zombies Created Stalingrad” by Paul Le Long. Using board game terrain to simulate World War II urban combat.
  • “Russo-Soviet Battle Scenarios” by Mike Stewart.
  • “From the Editor” by Rich Barbuto. Thoughts and updates from the editor.

All this and lots of color photos, charts and graphics, too!

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