SOTCW aiming for a re-launch

Mark Wheeler has sent the following announcement that may be of interest to Lone Warriors:

The Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers (SOTCW) is being relaunched for 2022.  Here is the proposal so far, but it is draft/evolving so please bear with us.

The Society will continue to promote the hobby as defined by wargamers, modellers and collectors for the period from 1900 to today.  All scales, periods, e.g WW2, Vietnam etc. will be covered as will all mediums, e.g. miniatures, board games etc. and aspects, e.g. naval, land and air.  It is most likely that land warfare in 20mm will be the initial focus, but nothing is out of scope.

The new membership period will begin in January 2022 and last one year.  A membership fee will be payable, circa £15 to £18.  This will fund four Journals – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  The Journal will be hard copy and in size be between 28 and 52 pages.  We are constrained by costs, so initially it will be black and white but with centre colour pages.  The Journal will consist of core war gaming articles along with scenarios, historic summaries and modelling features – basically anything not time sensitive.

We will have a web site.  At this stage it will be the current one but perhaps with a revised content.

It is hoped to run the traders discount scheme as well, but European Union rules might make this problematic in some cases.

Everything else will go into an occasional email circular distributed by pdf called ‘The Runner’.  So, this will contain time sensitive materials such as news, letters, reviews, advertisement features and special offers, wants and swaps etc.  The idea of The Runner came from an offering associated with the short lived Modern Wargames Deployments, and I can send an example of this if you wish so you can see what it was. The idea was well received and so the SOTCW version will be very similar.  The first one will be out around Christmas and will include a membership form and fees request for the 2022 period.

The above is what will happen.  Here is what is still under consideration.

  • A new online forum
  • The re-publication of old Journals in Compendium format
  • Journal distribution by pdf

The only constraints on these ideas is resources, both people and financial.

Hopefully there is enough above of interest and you will be moved to join in January.  If so, and you would like to contribute effort before then, a submission of articles is needed.  We do have almost enough for the first Journal but it would enable a more balanced launch content if we could establish a bank of material to work with.  If you do submit something, please send as a PC file with any pictures you may want to include.

Lastly for now, this is not just me doing this.  I am not a one man band as it appeared once before.  There are now three members in a new Member Steering Group and new roles will be added in due course.

Please email us at in the first instance.

Thanks again for your interest,

Mark Wheeler

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  1. Dave says:

    Would be good to know who the people in the steering group are. Team members always used to be listed in the Journal, after all

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