Coming soon: Lone Warrior No. 199

Lone Warrior No. 199 is being completed and will be e-mailed in the next few days. Here’s a preview of the contents:

  • “An Aircraft Carrier Scenario for Damn the Torpedoes,” by Kevin White: A follow-up scenario to the Damn the Torpedoes solo WWII naval rules.
  • “Bursting the Mold — Taking it to the Next Level,” by Jeffrey G. Chorney: Building on an earlier article, this one offers more ways of doing solo wargaming in low-cost ways.
  • “The (Linear) Battle of Las Palmas,” by George Arnold: Ideas and a sample battle for making a wargame more “linear,” as first suggested by Paul Le Long in No. 197.
  • “Hastings, 1066,” by Paul Le Long. A refight of the epic battle using an old S&T magazine game, with some useful solo mechanics.
  • “Colonel Kingsley is Dead!: Officer Trauma Generation,” by Steve Turner: Ways to make the on-table deaths of commanders/characters more than just a statistic.
  • “Quatre Bras,” by Rich Barbuto: Mechanics and a battle report on re-fighting this prelude to Waterloo.
  • “Armies of the Greek-Turkish War 1919-1922,” by Rob Morgan: An extensive review of the Osprey Men-at-Arms title, with suggestions for figures for gaming this now-obscure conflict.
  • “Free Advertising,” By Rich Barbuto: The editor offers free advertising to subscribers, a cost-free way to sell gaming-related services or old figures, etc.

All well-illustrated with the usual color maps, photos and graphics.

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2 Responses to Coming soon: Lone Warrior No. 199

  1. George Arnold says:

    Scott Johnson submits the following:

    a couple of questions for Kevin:

    1) what do you do when a hit square (e.g. 6 of hearts) is already filled?

    2) at what point is a ship considered “sunk?”

    • George Arnold says:

      And Kevin White responds:

      1. The cards from ace to 10 are all the same. Don’t look at these cards as individual cards.

      A Battleship has successfully engaged a target and will draw nine cards for damage. I draw the following cards:
      6, 10 and Jack of Clubs
      Jack of Hearts
      3, 4, 6, 9 and 10 of Spades

      I mark off the Jacks of Clubs and Hearts. Then I look at how many Clubs I have left (2) and mark off that number of squares in the Clubs row.
      I have no Diamonds and no other Hearts apart from the Jack so no squares are marked off in those rows.
      I have five spades left in my hand and so mark off five squares on the Spades row.

      The individual numbers on the cards (Ace to 10) don’t matter – it is the quantity of each suit that counts, until a row is wiped out. Once the row is wiped out any duplicates are misses.

      In the Gunnery columns (Jacks, Queens, Kings) I have counted duplicates as misses.

      2. The ships become progressively more disabled as the game goes on. I have assumed that a ship would be sunk once all the squares on the damage sheet have been crossed off. You can actually decide for yourself what a victory would look like in the scenarios that you design. Is it enough to disable a ship (i.e. it can no longer move) for that to be a win or maybe it would be enough for the ship to no longer be able to fire its guns or launch aircraft? You decide!

      I hope this helps and that you enjoy the game.


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