‘Time passes. Listen. Time passes.’

By Rob Morgan

Well, if you’re interested that’s a quote from Dylan Thomas, but like, I suspect, a substantial number, if not all, other members of the SWA, I now find myself rather limited in my opportunities to conduct leisure and work activities beyond these four walls. It’s a similar, sad tale for my colleagues in mainland Europe and across the globe, not quite ‘house arrest’ but not far from it, and so, time enough to make me think of work half-planned or unfinished, of reviews and articles intended but never actually written.

The next few months are an opportunity for us all to throw something into the pot. If not an article, then a review of a favourite book, a mention of something relevant read or encountered, a photo or two, or even a simple comment.

Others have done this, and successfully. For example, the old Journal published by the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers, ran a series called ‘Meet the Members’ in which individuals described their interests, their model collections, their reading, that sort of thing. Hobilar, the Mediaeval Warfare bunch, runs an occasional ‘What I’m Doing Now’ slot, which always comes up with odd, interesting and unexpected items. Several other UK societies I’m involved with have features like this. So why not the blog?

I recall suggesting years ago, that we have a ‘Wargames Model of the Month’ piece. It’s often the case that a model, in whatever scale, provides one or other of us with the opportunity to be creative, or becomes available just for a short time, or seems great value and not to be missed.

OK, I’ll start off. This week I’m reading Xenophon’s Anabasis, the Classical retreat of 10,000 Greek mercenaries through Asia Minor, arguably the greatest military title in the Ancient World, and that includes the genius Thucydides and that Julius Caesar bloke. I’m ashamed to say that until now academic work has kept me away from Anthony Beevor’s Berlin,’ but at first sight and dipping into it, I have the feeling it isn’t quite going to be the favourite that Cornelius Ryan’s older title on that battle proved to be.

In practical terms, I’ve got one, nowadays presumably rare, Old Crow resin hydrofoil model which has long been waiting for conversion into a sort of James Bond movie ‘stealth ship.’ Also gathering dust is a bizarre Steam-Punk model ship from the ‘Dystopian Wars’ series, or at least it will be ‘Steam-Punk’ when I’ve added the bits I want to!

So, that’s me , but, what are you doing?

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