Wargames Illustrated #403

By Brian Cameron

The current issue has an interesting article, “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” about applying solo AI systems to two-player games. There are some nice ideas which can obviously be used in solo games. In passing he reviews “Hostile Tactical AI” which looks interesting though it’s aimed at skirmish games. My only moan about the article is that depicts solo gaming as something which you only resort to if you don’t have an opponent or are in lockdown.

About Brian Cameron

I've been wargaming for over 50 years, often solo. I've written lots of games and rules, some published, and articles in the wargames press.
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1 Response to Wargames Illustrated #403

  1. Martin Smith says:

    Yes, Brian…a good article, I thought (just read it…catching up).
    Noted the inference that Solo is some kind of ‘last resort’, but have heard that (and ignored it ) a few times before. I think many solo players are supremely innovative, and the ‘broad church’ approach is very healthy for all. A few non-soloists might learn much from playing against the unknown /AI. Even regular face-to-face opponents have regular styles/methods….unpredictable opponents are MUCH more fun!

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