Lone Warrior No. 210 preview

The latest issue of Lone Warrior is in the final stages of production and will be e-mailed to subscribers in the coming days, according to Editor Rich Barbuto.

Here’s a preview of the contents:

  • “An Affair of Honor” by Marvin Scott. Using “Chainmail” rules from the 1970s to stage a joust.
  • “Escape From Colditz” by Paul Le Long. Some variations on an old board game to make it suitable for repeated solo play.
  • “Shields Up” by Kevin White. Fast-play rules for space combat among starships.
  • “Command and out of Control” by George Arnold. Different ways of limiting your general’s options during solo play.
  • “Campaigns: Do I really need a map?” by Kevin White. Ideas for campaigning with or without a map to guide you.
  • “Traveller: Solo Role-Playing in the Far-Future Imperium” by Preston Shah. Some new solo ideas for the old GDW role-playing game.
  • “American Civil War: A Solo Wargamer’s Perspective on Tactics” by Graham Empson. Summarizing 50 years of gaming research on the tactics of the ACW.
  • “Even More Mayhem” by Kevin White. More refinements to the author’s set of rules for medieval combat using playing cards.
  • “Writing for Lone Warrior” by Mike Crane. A regular contributor writes about his experiences with this journal.

With some concluding thoughts from the Editor and the usual assortment of color photos, maps and charts. On the way soon!

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  1. Looking forward to this issue!

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